Sunny Day Holiday Decorators

Sunny Day Holiday Decorators 🎃👻🦃🎅🏻🤶🏻🍀 🐇🌷🇺🇸 where, we will decorate YOUR home with YOUR decorations for ANY holiday or event!

We offer design consultation for residential and commercial properties which includes complete installation and takedown service along with maintenance if needed. We offer several other services as well. All prices are told upfront. Give us a try today by receiving your FREE quote!

Why give us a try?

To simply put it…we offer services that are unheard of! We operate differently compared to your average company! Let us rephrase that, we work VERY differently because…

  • We aren’t sales people! We aren’t trying to sell you a product. If you own your own outdoor decorations already, we will use yours and hang them up for you! If anything, we PREFER that! We will ONLY charge you for labor AND travel based on your location (We are located in Farmingdale, NY, 11735).
  • We will work based off your budget if you do NOT have decorations but want decorations! Just let us know what your looking to spend and the amount of decorations you want on your property and what kind of decorations you want us to get for you (For example: Halloween – mainly all pumpkins and skeletons) and we’ll make it as convenient as can be for you…sit back, relax, we got this! WE will go out and get it for you and we will make sure to stick to the dollar amount you give us (Your shopping budget tells us your decorations QUANTITY & QUALITY).

OR you can save yourself some money by going out and buying the decorations yourself and just have us decorate your house for you! Again, you tell us, what you want us to do!

  • If your someone who can’t be bothered with any of the fine details and just want us to put it all together for you based off what you want or based off your budget, we’ll do that too!
  • We work based off of every different individuals needs! If we can make it happen, we will do it. We cater to you!
    You may be thinking why hire anyone to do something you can do, but if you can do it…why haven’t you?
  • Do you love getting into the spirit of the holidays but you just don’t have the time or energy? Is it the risk factor of your safety, such as getting on a ladder to put up the decorations? Or is it the weather; too hot, too cold? Do you feel that you don’t have the “vision” to put “it all together” or maybe you don’t have the storage to put the decorations away, so why even bother?

Or maybe you’re the Grinch who stole Christmas and you couldn’t be bothered?! Well WE don’t judge, but your neighbors most certainly are!

In all seriousness, do you not miss the days when a majority of the houses took pride and decorated their homes for each holiday?! Well we do and we want everyone to get back into the spirit of the holidays again! Whatever it is you celebrate, let us help you decorate in order to celebrate! Let your house get it’s festivities on!

  • We guarantee that the decorations we hang up will be safe and that your property stays shining bright throughout the amount of time you require it to.
  • We are pet friendly, property friendly and convenient, always trying to accommodate you and your schedule.
  • The length of time it takes to decorate your house depends on the property size and all of this will be discussed within your free quote before you decide to officially move forward or not.
  • We also offer storage rentals for your decorations at a monthly rate. Rate depends on the amount of decorations you want us to store and the size of the decorations you want us to store for you. All prices and rules are told upfront.
  • In order to reserve your booking with us, we require 25% down and the remaining balance is due after the job is done.

Let us become your professional decorator!

Sunny Day Holiday Decorators

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And let us just be the first to say…

Happy Halloween!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanza!
Happy New Year!
Happy St. Patty’s Day!
Happy Easter!
Happy Passover!
Happy Memorial Day!
Happy July 4th!
Happy Labor Day!
Happy Birthday!
Etc., etc., etc.!

Throwing a specific themed party? Hire us to decorate! We can clean up the mess your guests leave behind for you the following morning…without even waking you up…for an additional fee! Inquire within! Price depends on size of party. Quotes are free!