• House decorating services for every holiday or event!
  • Storage for your holiday decorations and lights! Price depends on the amount of decorations needed to be stored and how often you would need access to the decorations. We would need to see the amount of decorations in person in order to provide a quote.
  • We offer design consultation for residential and commercial properties which includes complete installation and takedown service along with maintenance if needed.
  • If you’re someone who can’t be bothered with any of the fine details and just want us to put it all together for you based off what you want or based off your budget, we’ll do that too!
  • We work based off of every different individuals needs! If we can make it happen, we will do it. We cater to you!
  • Throwing a specific themed party? Hire us to decorate! We’ll even clean up the mess your guests leave behind for you, the following morning without even waking you up…for an additional fee! 😉 Price depends on size of party. Call us for a quote today (We will have to see the property size in person) 😊

Let your house get it’s festivities on!

With love,
Sunny Day Holiday Decorators

And let us just be the first to say…

Happy Halloween!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanza!
Happy New Year!
Happy St. Patty’s Day!
Happy Easter!
Happy Passover!
Happy Memorial Day!
Happy July 4th!
Happy Labor Day!
Happy Birthday!
Etc., etc., etc.!

What do you celebrate? Tell us! We’ll celebrate it too!


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